PageBoards is a project made by Intreception. It works like a forum, but all forum pages are normal pages instead of threads. However, forum threads do not affect the amount of pages in any way.


PageBoards allows multiple boards to be created and then added to the main page of the forums. When a user clicks on one of the boards, there is a description of what to post in the board, along with an input box which allows them to name their forum thread. They then can write their thread and then sign it so people know who they are.


PageBoards has a few flaws. Here is a list of all known flaws:

  • Users do not get notified when threads that they follow receive replies;
  • No highlighting function. However, it is possible to use announcements;
  • Replies by users do not show up in the Wiki Activity. However, edits to forum threads do still show up.

Closing and removing threadsEdit

If a content moderator or admin wants to close or remove a thread, they have some options. For closing, they can add the {{closed}} template to the top of the thread, and lock the page so that only admins can edit it. For removal, they can simply delete the page and specify the reason for removal in the deletion reason.

How to use the closed template Edit

Simply add the following to the top of a page: {{Closed|<Your Username>|<Reason for closure>}}

For example: {{Closed|Intreception|Inappropriate}} would give:

Please note that the closed template must be added to the wiki for this to work.

Why this was madeEdit

PageBoards was made due to an upcoming update by FANDOM staff where they would retire the ability to highlight and forums, which would replace them with more modern discussions. Lots of users want to keep forums, so why not make that a sort-of reality?
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